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Promise 1 RESULTS

Established in 1946, SOTHYS was founded on the philosophy of curative treatment. Acknowledged for their high performance professional treatments and products, SOTHYS leads the industry in groundbreaking R&D of its innovative formulations and non-invasive yet highly effective professional beauty treatments.

With over 70 years of specialized expertise, you can be assured that SOTHYS is a brand that you can trust for results.


We take great care and meticulous attention to create an ambiance that enhances your treatment experience.

As you enter your private treatment suite, you will be enveloped in a world of pleasure. Bathed in soft dim lighting, surrounded by fine decor, soothing aromas, gentle music and therapeutic beverages, we take great pride in details to delight your senses and to ensure your absolute comfort and well-being.


Your SOTHYS Girl (Golden Badge certified Skincare Solution Specialist) is trained to ensure that her extraordinary touch and skills will help transform your skin and well-being. She undergoes comprehensive training and assessments before she is deemed technically competent to administer the high standards of SOTHYS techniques. She has the skills to diagnose your skin and to prescribe the customized skin care programs to optimize your results.


What sets us apart is our Service that comes from the Heart.

From the personal touch of your SOTHYS Girl, gentle care and relaxing ambiance to the highly satisfying treatments, you will be served with genuine purpose and sincerity.

Promise 5 SkinScope

Exclusive to SOTHYS, SkinScope TM is a comprehensive skin diagnosis that provides vital information for your SOTHYS Girl to prescribe effective salon and home care programmes.

This diagnostic tool reveals the skin's health by analyzing Skin hydration, Capillary, Oiliness (sebum level), Pigmentation, Elasticity and is performed periodically to track your results.


We are strategically located throughout Malaysia. Steadily growing, with over 50 SOTHYS Corporate and Licensed Premium Salons & Kiosks nationwide, the World of SOTHYS has never been more accessible.

Promise 7 PEOPLE

The backbone of SOTHYS lies in the team of ordinary people who are passionate about excellence.

We aspire to empower women to be at their best. This is why we believe in developing and investing in the lives of our customers, business partners and staff.

Our core values are integrity, people-centred, developing entrepreneurship, accountability and being well-balanced emotionally whilst striving for results. This is the foundation of SOTHYS' culture that shapes our people to be individuals of extraordinary character.