Have you ever dreamed of taking the reins of a business and building it from the ground up?

SOTHYS collaborates with independent business owners like you to expand your horizons. Searching endlessly throughout the world for passionate individuals such as yourself, we give you the chance to be SOTHYS Independent Business Partner (Beauty Solution Consultant) as a qualified industry expert.


Our history of excellence, established presence in Malaysia and strong branding identity has garnered wide media exposure and public knowledge of the SOTHYS brand. We have achieved many success stories and soon, you too can start running your own Business as our Independent Business Partner (Beauty Solution Consultant) as our esteemed SOTHYS partner.


Business Overview

Build Your Dream

Be a boss of your own beauty empire with SOTHYS - a global leader in premium Professional Skincare Solutions for more than 70 years.

You can now make your own living with total flexibility in term of timing and cost with well established skincare brand that deliver promising skincare result!

What do you get?

  • Zero start up capital & operational cost.
  • High profit margin up to 26%
  • Good income growth

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If you are passionate about making your mark in the beauty industry, talk to us at SOTHYS and together, we can build your dream business.

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Business Overview

Own Your Dream

Become a SOTHYS partner like you've always dreamed of by opening your own licensed SOTHYS Premium Salon. Premium Salons are SOTHYS flagship outlets geared towards the demographic of women aged between 30 - 55, ladies who are sophisticated and who appreciate the finer things in life. In addition to showcasing the SOTHYS product line, our Salons provide a luxurious premium service that includes facials, body massages, and other skincare treatments to pamper our precious patrons. Our Salons aim to treat our esteemed clientele to a luxurious, sensory experience that immerses them in the 5 senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste.

Build Your Dream

As a SOTHYS partner, YOU make the executive decisions in running your salon, from customising the interior decor in line with the SOTHYS aesthetic, to hand-picking and recruiting your own staff. As your mentor in a supporting role, we provide you the resources you need to succeed in your business, such as offering your staff professional training at our beauty academies to transform them into the expert beauticians that are our SOTHYS Girls, as well as marketing campaigns across the country to further elevate the status of the SOTHYS brand and your Premium Salon.

Expand Your Dream

Create your customized discounts and membership deals to attract new customers. Build a loyal base of satisfied customers by nurturing genuine and long-lasting relationships with your customers. Increase your renown, and when your business is booming, consider opening a second, or third salon - or even a Retail Store. Join the SOTHYS family by becoming our trusted partner and together, working hand in hand, we will develop your Premium Sal5434on to its ultimate potential.

Success Stories

"We chose SOTHYS because we had faith in their professionalism, dedication to doing things right, and of course their amazing products! The decision to use the Premium Salon concept, which was well-planned and well-executed, has been a really wise choice for us. The key factors that drew us to take on the Premium Salon business model is the faith in our team of SOTHYS Girls, the support from SOTHYS Malaysia, and the public recognition of this award-winning brand. We’ve been SOTHYS partners for over 10 years and this was by far the best business decision we have ever made."

-Owners, Peggy, Mei Teng, Julia & Ruby, Ara Damansara, Subang SS19, and Taman Sea, Selangor.


Contact or 03 6207 8801 for enquiries.

Good work culture builds great people. When entrepreneur Nicole Lee was let down by a trusted business partner, little did she know that she could count on SOTHYS to stick with her through the tough times. Watch the video to see more #womenempowered